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More EFT Taps www.mygenie.tv Affirmations used in this video I am grateful that my immune system detoxes me so quickly I am grateful that my body knows how to keep me feeling healthy & happy I am grateful that I am full of energy & confidence I am grateful that I find every challenge easy and enjoyable I am grateful that I am in control and I love feeling abundant in every way I am grateful that I love and accept myself just the way I am I am grateful that I am loved and supported by all around me I am grateful that my immune system detoxes me so quickly I am grateful that my body knows how to keep me feeling healthy & happy I am grateful that I am full of energy & confidence I am grateful that I find every challenge easy and enjoyable I am grateful that I am in control and I love feeling abundant in every way I am grateful that I love and accept myself just the way I am I am grateful that I am loved and supported by all around me I am grateful that I am a good person and deserve my healthy body I am grateful that my body is feeling stronger and healthier every day I am grateful that my back is stronger and straighter and more flexible I am grateful that I eat whatever I want and digest it with ease I am grateful that I love my healthy throat that supports me everyday I am grateful that I am perfectly healthy in body, mind and spirit. I am grateful that I have all the energy I need to accomplish my goals I am grateful that My body is healed, revitalized and filled with
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Manifest Desires * Follow EXCITEMENT * Do you TRUST Rational Mind or Higher Mind?

Another spontaneous, freestyle, authentic Leija rant inspired by all the wonderful, maaaaagical co-creators out there! Yes, I’m talking about YOU reading this right now! 🙂 If you feel you can’t manifest something you deeply desire, remember that the only thing/ force/ person limiting yourself is… you! Perhaps it’s time to expand your thinking a little. Imagine what you’d like to manifest as if there are no limits to what you can create. You don’t have to know all the details of how it’s going to work out; You simply need to know what makes you feel excited/ happy…. So start imagining that it’s coming into your life right now! FEEL those happy feelings! Then, relax. 🙂 You don’t have to worry about the “hows” or get anxious about when it’ll happen, because it’ll happen exactly when it should, all within divine timing. You only need to take it one step at a time! When I trust that I don’t have to know it all right now, and that I simply need to trust that I will always be guided/ supported, I always am! The synchroncities that come into my life when I’m trusting & flowing are signs that I’m on the right track, and quite often allow my intentions to manifest in the most beautiful, interesting & unexpected ways! What is “Higher Mind”? Well let me say first of all that my rational mind can’t even fully comprehend Higher Mind, yet if I had to sum it up right now, I feel that Higher Mind is your Higher Self which is connected to Universal Consciousness/ Universal Mind

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  1. maximumlight1 says:

    this makes me feel very well: relaxed, grounded,confidant,balanced.? Thank you Davind

  2. radgemasterben says:

    ha. thats mad. i do genuinly feel strangely confident after watching. im generaly quite a confident person anyway but theres something extra there now. im gonna try? it for a couple’v weeks, c what happens.

  3. TheWestlandgirl says:

    Had to tell you this, I had just listened to this and did the tapping then went outside to do some weeding in my flower? beds. I was just saying these things over and over in my mind to myself when I looked over to where I was going next and partially under this bush was a folded up 5 dollar bill!! I was so glad to actually see this affirmation so blatantly.

  4. ferry7777 says:

    ? ? ? Hi i have collected the best binaural beats meditation music in my channel. Binaural beats are the next generation meditation music? which bring you in a deep meditative state in just minutes. In that state you? will be able to create abundance and success using the law of attraction. Go to my channel and enjoy! ? ? ?

  5. LaneyMolly says:

    been doing this on and off for over a year and alwyas notice a difference in life circumstances when i do it regularly, once or more a day. Also i have no? idea why but without fail i yawn exactly at the end of the tapping every time

  6. NarrowIsThePath says:

    As do I. We are truly at the? dawning of a new age and the manifestation of an awakening consciousness. And “If we realized how powerful our thoughts are, we would never think negative thoughts ever again.” – Peace Pilgrim

  7. mybalou100 says:

    Really love this video, have just discovered EFT, heard alot about it though, and must say that David Childerderley is just so good, I do wonder why I? yawn so much through the tapping :-)) … I do feel so good afterwards, and when I forget to do it, I feel the difference … THANK YOU

  8. ferry7777 says:

    ? ? ? I have collected the best binaural beats meditation music in my? channel. Binaural beats are the new generation meditation music that bring you in very deep relaxing meditative state in just minutes. In that state you will be able to create abundances and success in your life using the law of attraction. Go to my? channel and enjoy! ? ? ?

  9. Sage0Green19 says:

    EFT+Affirmations is like casting a magic spell upon your life. Amazing.
    Thanks for posting this Mr. Childerley.?

  10. jleenzlopez says:

    This morning on 5-7-12. I was sleeping and I stretched out my left leg and felt something underneath my foot. It was hard and I was thinking… What? is this? So I grabbed it and still in a daze I looked at the thing I grabbed and it was a quarter! Hahaha I started laughing… And I put it on my chest so that when I woke up, I’d remember to tape it to my notepad and note where I found this quarter at.

  11. jleenzlopez says:

    Now the next day… On 5-6-12. I? was sitting at my desk, working on some things. Thinking about my next move… I glanced at my computer and guess what I saw peaking from underneath my computer? Hahaha you’ve guessed it! A Quarter! Lol. That was so awesome…

  12. jleenzlopez says:

    The same night on 5-5-12 After we left the UH Baseball game, we decided we were going to McDonald’s for some Ice Cream with the kids. While grabbing my change from the cashier, a coin fell from my hand. The cashier? looked down and said, Ooops! Sorry bout that. You might want to pick up your quarter. I looked at her and said Quarter…? I looked down and at the bottom of my foot there was a quarter! Lol. I started laughing so hard… And said to myself. This is incredible!

  13. jleenzlopez says:

    Later on in the day after the game and went home. I was sitting at my desk and my husband came walking into the room with no shirt? on and guess what he had stuck to his back? Hahaha you’ve guessed it! A Quarter 🙂 This is on 5-5-12

  14. jleenzlopez says:

    Later on that day…On 5-5-12 My son and nephew had a baseball game. It was my turn to bring food, so all together? I spent $60.00. When my brother in-law came to the game, He gave me $60 to help me pay for the food. At first I was reluctant, but remembered that I needed to start letting money in, instead of sending it out. So I accepted it with gratitude and was grateful.

  15. jleenzlopez says:

    The next day on 5-5-12 I went to pick up my make-up case and out of no where a quarter fell out. So I picked it up and said… I better? start keeping track of this. So I got a sticky note pad to tape the quarters to it. I write the dates and how I came into contact with the quarter on the note pad. So far.. it’s been fun!

  16. jeanholding1 says:

    Manifesto For World Peace! 2012

  17. Ryan Hoeppner says:

    Yes, :47 seconds, when you’ve lived your first 18 years looking at the bad things, its really hard to switch over to the good? side with good feelings etc, you may call it depression, but its a normal (feeling low) because i’ve been used to it.

  18. MrCipres0 says:


  19. LanlandeVAG says:

    Namaste Leija. I greatly appreciate? what you’re doing. Just in time!!! Thank you, sending you love and light. beautiful

  20. YudelevitzDesign says:

    =D Thank you? Leija =D


    I love and trust your? advice Lija 🙂 <3

  22. tshorty1986 says:

    you go? girl

  23. EntuNostru says:

    Hey guys, could anybody tell me if the object that i filmed last night it’s an UFO?!..take a look at? my channel, and leave a message pleese!..I NEED TO KNOW!!!.

  24. andybowkerhere says:

    I like this video .. good advice and very sensible. I will probably need to watch it a? few times 😉

  25. LeijaTurunen says:

    Yay! So happy to hear! 🙂 I felt like I was really tapped into my higher mind while filming this, which is why I spoke?? with so much power. I usually don’t watch my own videos, but this is the one video that I’ll watch on occasion when I’m feeling a bit “off” because it always brings me back on track. Hehe. =)

  26. MrAlexanderHoff says:

    Everytime I watch this I understand? it more and more and I just feel that the video gets better everytime I watch it! I have watched it like 10 times now :).

    Thank you so much for this video, Leija. It has really helped me a lot. And of course your other videos are also great, but this video has to be my favorite.

  27. lumberjak1984 says:


  28. orangebol says:

    you’re? hot

  29. UniversalLaws101 says:

    great video. Love it!! I totally agree. We have been programmed with limited beliefs. Changing our paradigm always us to create a? life that we deserve, and only till now dreamed of.

  30. Hurls47 says:

    : Not all people have their looks? fade some are blessed by GOOD genes. And you can look after yourself and preserve your skin etc etc.
    Attraction is ONE part in relationships, EVERYONE that uses their intelligence realises this factor!

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